Dr. Aure Schrock is Founder of and Senior Editor at the academic editing and writing coaching company Indelible Voice. Their book Politics Recoded: The Infrastructural Organizing of Code for America will be published by The MIT Press in 2024. Earlier books include Civic Tech (2018) and Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements in Context (2018). For a complete list of journal articles, please see their Google Scholar profile.

Aure received their Ph.D. from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC. Before becoming an editor, they taught courses on communication technologies, organizing, and software engineering at Universities like UCF, UCLA, USC, and CSU-DH for about fifteen years.

Pronouns: They/he (in order of preference). Their first name is pronounced like the letter “R” or the word “are.”

Email: me [ at! ] aschrock (.dot.) com.

Twitter: @aschrock