Selected Publications

Downloadable copies of my publications on communication & technology are available below. I prefer to publish in open access (OA) journals, so full versions of many articles are freely available. Where copyright restrictions of a journal prohibits my posting a final PDF I include link to the final version (behind a “paywall”) and a pre-edited draft (where available). If you have difficulty accessing any documents on this page please reach out to me on Twitter or email me at: me AT aschrock d.o.t. com.

Green text = open access to final version (true OA).
Blue text = open access draft (pre-publication – often the best I can post on a public site).
Red text = paywall on journal site.


Schrock, A. (in press). Civic Tech: Making Technology Work for People. Long Beach, CA: Rogue Academic Press.

Hunsinger, J. & Schrock, A. (under contract). Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements in Context. Digital Formations. New York: Peter Lang.

Chapters and Peer-Reviewed Publications

Civic Engagement and Politics

Schrock, A. (in press). “Hackathons With No Hacking”: Civic Hackathons and the Performance of Innovation. In Watkins, C. (Eds.), Rethinking the Innovation Economy: Exploring the Future of Technology, Social Inequality, and Creative Labor. New York: Routledge. [ Draft ]

Schrock, A. & Close, S. (2017). Expertise and the Constitution of Publics: Introduction to Special Issue on Technological Expertise. Communication and the Public. [ Draft, Final ]

Schrock, A. (2017). What Communication Can Contribute to Data Studies: Three Lenses on Communication and Data. International Journal of Communication.[ Final ]

Schrock, A. & Shaffer, G. (2017). Data Ideologies of an Interested Public: A Study of Grassroots Open Data Intermediaries. Big Data & Society.[ Final ]

Schrock, A. (2016). The politics of information and data: Interdisciplinary perspectives on digital power (review essay). New Media & Society. [ Final ]

Schrock, A. (2016). Civic Hacking as Data Activism and Advocacy: A History From Publicity to Open Government Data. New Media & Society. [ Final

Schrock, A. (2016). Code for America: Scaling Civic Engagement Through Open Data and Software Design. In E. Gordon & P. Mihailidis (Eds.), Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [ Draft, Final ]

Hunsinger, J. & Schrock, A. (2016). The Democratization of Hacking and Making. New Media & Society. [ Final ]

Infrastructure and Organization

Kee, K. & Schrock, A. (in press). Best Social and Organizational Practices of Successful Science Gateways. Future Generation Computer Systems.

Schrock, A. & Kee, K. F. (in press). Telephone Interviewing as a Qualitative Methodology for Researching Cyberinfrastructure and Virtual Organizations. In J. Hunsinger, L. Klastrup and M. Allen (Eds.), The Second International Handbook of Internet Research. New York, NY: Springer.

Schrock, A. (in press) Hackers are Ordinary: Entanglement in Hacker and Maker Spaces. In J. Hunsinger & A. Schrock (Eds.), Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements in Context. New York: Peter Lang. [ Draft ]

Schrock, A. (2014). “Education in Disguise”: Culture of a Hacker and Maker Space. InterActions, 10(1). [ Final ]

Mobile/Social Media

Schrock, A. (2016). Exploring the Relationship Between Mobile Facebook and Social Capital: What Is the “Mobile Difference” for Parents of Young Children? Social Media + Society. [ Final ]

Schrock, A. (2015). Communicative Affordances of Mobile Media: Portability, Availability, Locatability, and Multimediality. International Journal of Communication. [ Final ]

Schrock, A. (2015). The Rise of Mobile Social Network Platforms on the Mobile Internet. In L. D. Rosen, L. M. Carrier, and N. A. Cheever (Eds.), The Handbook of Psychology, Technology and Society. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. [ Draft ]

Boase, J., Kobayashi, T., Schrock, A., Suzuki, T. & Suzuki, T. (2015). Reconnecting here and there: The reactivation of dormant ties in the US and Japan. American Behavioral Scientist. [ Final ]

Schrock, A. (2014). HTML5 and Openness in Mobile Platforms. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. [ DraftFinal ]

Schrock, A. (2013). Interrogating the Terms of Service: Corporate Surveillance and User Privacy on Facebook. Teaching Media Quarterly, 2(1). [ Final ]

Thorson, K., Driscoll, K., Ekdale, B., Edgerly, S., Thompson, L. G., Schrock, A., Swartz, L., Vraga, E. K., and Wells, C. (2013). YouTube, Twitter and the Occupy Movement: Connecting Content and Circulation Practices. Information, Communication & Society 16(3). [ Final ]

Schrock, A., & boyd, danah. (2010). Problematic Youth Interactions Online: Solicitation, Harassment, and Cyberbullying. In K. B. Wright & L. M. Webb (Eds.), Computer-mediated communication in personal relationships (pp. 368–396). New York: Peter Lang. [ Berkman white paper version ]

Schrock, A. (2008). Examining Social Media Usage: Technology Clusters and Social Network Site Membership. First Monday, 14(1). [ Final ]


Other Writing (mostly open access, non peer-reviewed articles and blog posts)

Schrock, A. (2016). Innovation Teams, Mundane Innovation, and the Public GoodEPIC.

Schrock, A. (2016). Why do we talk about cities as laboratories?

Schrock, A. (2015). Articulating our Civic Communication LiteraciesCivic Quarterly.

Schrock, A. & Sittler, R. (2015). “Like Another World”: Placing the Photographic Practices of Urban ExplorersExposure. 

Schrock, A. (2007, September 24). Opening Up the Patent Process. MIT Technology Review.

Schrock, A. (2005). Return to the East: Brooklyn Reclaims the Black Art Form Known As Jazz. Wax Poetics 12, 64-72.

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